Battery Pump Assistance Scheme Apply Online

Battery Pump Assistance Scheme Apply Online । The Gujarat government has introduced the Battery Pump Assistance Scheme, offering subsidies to farmers in the state. This scheme targets women, small, marginal, and large-scale farmers, providing assistance for power-operated knapsack pumps and Taiwan pumps. Here’s a summary of the scheme’s key features:

Battery Pump Assistance Scheme Apply Online

SMAM Scheme:

  • Assistance varies based on the capacity of the pumps and the category of beneficiaries.
  • For pumps with 8 to 12-liter capacity, SC/ST, women, small, and marginal farmers receive Rs. 3100/-, while other beneficiaries get Rs. 2500/-.
  • For pumps with 12 to 16-liter capacity, SC/ST, small, marginal, and women farmers receive Rs. 3800/-, and other beneficiaries get Rs. 3000/-.
  • Power spray pumps with over 16-liter capacity provide Rs. 10000/- for SC/ST, women, small, and marginal farmers, and Rs. 8000/- for other beneficiaries.

NFSM Wheat, Rice, and Pulses Scheme:

  • Provides subsidies for power nepsek sprayers with capacities of 8 to 12 liters.
  • General farmers receive 40% of the price or Rs. 2500/-, while SC/ST, small, marginal, and women farmers receive 50% of the cost or Rs. 3100/-.
  • Similar subsidies are available for pumps with capacities of 12 to 16 liters and over 16 liters.

આ પણ વાંચો – આ યોજનામાં મળે છે મહિલાઓને દરરોજ રૂપિયા 250 ની સહાય

Required Documents:

  • Land 7-12 copy
  • Ration card copy
  • Aadhaar Card copy
  • Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe certificate (if applicable)
  • Disability certificate (if applicable)
  • Consent form for jointly owned land
  • Soil registration details
  • Cooperative society membership details
  • Bank account passbook

આ પણ વાંચો – પાણીની ટાંકી બનાવવા રૂપિયા 75,000 ની સહાય

Online Application Process:

  • Visit the official ikhedut portal and navigate to the “Scheme” section.
  • Select “Crop Protection Equipment – Power Operated” from the list of schemes.
  • Fill in the application form with accurate details.
  • Confirm the application, as no corrections can be made afterward.
  • Print the application for future reference.

આ પણ વાંચો – બોરવેલ કરવા માટે રૂપિયા 50,000 ની સહાય

This scheme aims to facilitate the adoption of modern agricultural practices among farmers in Gujarat, promoting efficiency and sustainability in farming operations. For further details and online application, visit the ikhedut portal.